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Former football star Ricky Williams launches marijuana products using herbal formulations

Former football star Ricky Williams launches marijuana products using herbal formulations

With the greater acceptance of marijuana for medical purposes in America, 40-year-old former National Football League (NFL) star Ricky Williams, who lost loads of money and faced suspension due to four failed drug tests, is now all set to give his life a refreshing start. Labeled as a “pot head” around 14 years back for failing his first NFL drug test, Williams is launching his own marijuana-based wellness brand named “Real Wellness by Ricky Williams” in California.

Williams is leveraging his credibility in the cannabis community, the changing attitude of the masses about the pot usage and the extensive 15-year study about the holistic healing. Initially, he will launch six products designed for daily use purpose using the formulations combining cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with herbal extracts. Being aware of the fact that single herbs are never given alone for treating a condition, he identified these formulations based on his knowledge, research and experience. For this, he collaborated with California’s OutCo, a Southern California medical marijuana dispensary and consulting firm, to grow cannabis, extract cannabinoids, and formulate products based on Ayurveda and Chinese medicine

Some of the these products include Serenity Tonic, Serenity Vape, Head Ease Vape 9targets tension and headaches), a high-CBD tonic (targets athletes), etc. He emphasized that natural herbs compared to drugs help in building muscles in a better way. As a result, they tend to enhance their performance to an incredible extent. Moreover, they improve the quality of life by addressing mental health issues.

‘I am a healer now,’ says Williams

From being an addict to launching a wellness brand, Williams’ journey toward holistic treatment methods began during the break from the game in 2004. During this break, he went on to study Pranic healing in California and teach meditation after his NFL career. Sharing his excitement for his brand, he said, “I’m a healer now. I’m excited for that world to converge with cannabis.”

The new brand will feature products like salves, vape cartridges to tonics containing either hemp-derived CBD, THC or both. It also includes herbal extracts. Available in the price range between $35 and $70, these products will be available for sale in various dispensaries in California. Due to the increasing awareness among the NFL players about the dangers associated with the misuse of opioids and anti-inflammatory drugs, herbalism is now in vogue. Earlier, it was a common practice among doctors to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs whenever a player experienced chronic pain or concussion.

Williams strongly believes that using cannabis in combination with herbals and holistic healing can help improve the lives of people. He says that eating healthy is extremely important for an athlete to perform better. Talking about his expectations from himself as a healer, the Heisman Trophy winner further stated, “When they write my obit, I want it to talk about the people I’ve touched and the lives I’ve changed. The last line might say, ‘He played football.’”

Toxic association between cannabis and mental illness

Cannabis is one of the most commonly abused substance in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), approximately 46.20 percent of the U.S. adults above 26 years of age abuse marijuana for lifetime as per the latest data. The causes of such a high percentage of people misusing the drug can be genetic, biological or environmental. Apart from these reasons, many people abuse this drug to treat a mental illness, improve mood, feel elevated, etc.

Many people consider cannabis as one of the easily available and hassle-free option to improve their mental health. But, it is important to understand that using this drug for self-medication purposes can actually deteriorate their condition and even put them at a risk of developing a comorbidity disorder, also known as dual diagnosis. It can also lead to multiple other side effects, such as hallucinations, anxiety, mood swings, etc. Therefore, staying away from cannabis and monitoring its use is important to ensure that one continues to lead a heathy life by mental illness, addiction or both at bay.

If you or someone you know is battling with a dual diagnosis condition and planning to seek assistance from one of the dual diagnosis treatment centers in Florida, contact the Florida Dual Diagnosis Helpline for help. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-337-7631 or chat online with a specialist to connect with the best Florida dual diagnosis treatment center that specializes in delivering evidence-based intervention plans.